Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Sunday May 15, 2011

Life at Boulderwood:
Chicken Antics

What I love almost about as much as the eggs my chickens lay, is the way they behave.

Here's one spaghetti-bending chicken:

And here they are "rototilling" our new garden patch:

Sunday May 08, 2011

Life at Boulderwood:
Animal Mommies

What's beautiful about having farm animals is to experience the miracle of birth and watch the mothering instincts.

Here's a heart-warming photo ... Our sweet horse Gaefa is nursing. Our beautiful Valkyrie (may she be resting in peace in horse heaven) gave birth to our beautiful Gaefa a few years ago.  Gaefa means good luck and good fortune in Icelandic.  May all mothers have good luck and good fortune today. Happy Momies Day Valkyrie!!

Sunday March 06, 2011

Life at Boulderwood:
Chicken Fun!!

Very funny chicken antics - the chicken jumped into this box which must have had some bird seed from the bird feeder in it.  The rooster clearly wanted to join in.  And the loppers just frame the chicken so well!!

Sunday February 27, 2011

Life at Boulderwood:
My Love Dog

My heart opens with unconditional love for Burt.  And I believe it is returned to me.  He is my ever-present companion. And he can truly communicate with me.  I know exactly when he wants to go outside for some spring water or to do his business.  He knows when Jim is about to build a fire - he see Jim carrying the kindling and he darts into the living room to claim his spot in front of the fireplace.  This photo was snapped in the kitchen while I was making chicken soup - he was just hanging with me!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my doggie!!

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