Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

What is
Heirloom Meals?

Heirloom Meals offers a multi-media culinary journey into the kitchens and gardens of anyone who has a treasured family recipe with the goal of exploring our diverse culinary history and preserving our ancestors' tried and true recipes and dining traditions.

In many ways the old ways of learning how to cook have been lost in the go-go world of our fast food nation. Our mission is to preserve the tradition of heritage foods/recipes by delving into the rich and diverse cultural food histories that make up the melting pot of the United States and paying tribute to the dying art of cooking from scratch.

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Summer Highlights

We've been in planning mode at Heirloom Meals. Working on a book proposal and developing a social media plan.

In the meantime, check out Carole's recent article in Zester Daily about how an amazing cleanse taught her how to honor her food.

Carole will be apprearing on Newchannel 13, Albany, NY's NBC affiliate on Sunday, June 29th around 8.30 AM. Tune in or check back for the video.

Carole will be back on Nantucket at the Westmoor Club on July 20th-23rd - we will be working on a Heirloom Recipe scrapbook for the members.

And, we have been working on developing a calendar of cooking classes and retreats at Boulderwood.  So far, we have a four-day retreat planned with an amazing healer, Pat Caffrey, a writing workshop with Nancy Aronie and many more in the works.

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