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  • A New Flock blog

    Our girls are old and their egg-laying has tapered off quite a bit.  So, I bit the bullet and ordered the "rarest of rare" mix of chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery. I was expecting them tomorrow...
  • Garden Helpers blog

    The chickens were dying to get into the garden to peck around but were just as happy with our wheelbarrow full of weeds and bugs. Chickens really make me smile. Their antics are so entertaining.
  • Chickens in Fall Paradise blog

    One can understand how these chickens lay the best eggs around!!
  • Chicken Antics blog

    What I love almost about as much as the eggs my chickens lay, is the way they behave. Here's one spaghetti-bending chicken: And here they are "rototilling" our new garden...
  • Chicken Fun!! blog

    Very funny chicken antics - the chicken jumped into this box which must have had some bird seed from the bird feeder in it.  The rooster clearly wanted to join in.  And the loppers just frame the...