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  • Burt Enjoying the Festivities blog

    Well...not really.  We turned our house into a TV studio with lights, cameras and PEOPLE everywhere.   Here he is while we were setting up - he jumped right through the Orvis frame to get to his...
  • Burtee's Kingdom blog

    This is the perfect place for a border collie to watch over his kingdom.  Burtee just loves hanging out on the boulder keeping an eye on all the animals.
  • Personal Spring blog

    One may think that I am lucky to live at Boulderwood, but I think I know someone just as lucky - my love dog, Burt! Here he is drinking from the spring at our back door - could it get any better...
  • My Love Dog blog

    My heart opens with unconditional love for Burt.  And I believe it is returned to me.  He is my ever-present companion. And he can truly communicate with me.  I know exactly when he wants to go...
  • Frigid Photos of the Animals blog

    Every morning we brave the elements.  Today minus 5.  Tomorrow - who knows.....Here's a look at the animals with the morning frost still on them! I keep telling them it's better than 90 degrees and...
  • Wine Dog blog

    Burtee's no "winer" - but he seemed to know that this present should really be his!!  
  • Burtee's Winter Kingdom blog

    Is there a better spot than the boulder behind our house to survey the kingdom?