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Sunday November 13, 2011

Carole’s Concoctions:
Heirloom Meals Thanksgiving Community Page

Heirloom Meals' Thanksgiving is about all of us - our connection to our past through food, cooking, and memories. We all have a unique food heritage and I would love to hear about yours.  So use this space to comment about your thoughts on the special; share a great food memory; share what Thanksgiving means to you; and by all means, share an heirloom recipe.  I am looking forward to the conversation!

Friday October 21, 2011

Carole’s Concoctions:
Pickled Eggplant

A couple of weeks ago I harvested my eggplant.  Most farmers I know had small eggplant harvests.  But for whatever reason, I had a banner crop.  I made fried eggplant, breaded eggplant, stuffed eggplant and it just seemed we couldn't possibly eat it all.  So, the next option was canning.  I really didn't like the idea of pickled eggplant but i scoured my cookbooks and found a recipe that used my favorite Indian spices and thought, I could do this...of course, as usual, I didn't have all the ingredients.  And, guess what, I concocted!!

So here are the photos and I'll post the recipe tomorrow.  It is quite yummy and I already used it with sauteed cubed chicken breast over rice for a flavorful dinner.

Thursday September 01, 2011

Carole’s Concoctions:
Salsa Heaven

In my house we eat salsa a lot!  In fact, it's my favorite snack.  But there is nothing better than putting up 50 pints of salsa from the produce of your own garden to enjoy all winter long.  I encourage everyone to try it and if you are afraid - email me, call me, comment here and I'll talk you through it.

Here's the recipe.

Friday July 15, 2011

Carole’s Concoctions:
The Perfect Pasta

Surprise guest blogger! Erin here--Heirloom Meals's summer intern, and I have the best job in the world: sampling Carole's cooking. One of her most recent concoctions was this Roasted Chicken and Vegetable Pasta.

Simply fabulous. One thing about Carole that never ceases to amaze me is her ability to go into the kitchen, rummage through the weekly farm share, and emerge with a truly delicious dinner. For this particular dish, Carole had an overabundance of Swiss chard from her garden. She added chicken, onion, basil, and other spices to gluten-free pasta. (I can't taste the difference.) Topped with a little parmesan cheese, it made my night. It is the perfect pasta; healthy, easy, and you can substitute any vegetables you like. It was light and fresh, but filling. Make it yourself, here. Your family, guests, and summer interns will love it!

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