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Saturday June 23, 2012

The Essentials of the Kitchen from a College Girl’s Perspective (by Rebecca Narum)

As the title of this blog states today we’re going to be getting a college girl’s perspective on the essentials of every kitchen.  Being that Carole Murko is no longer in college you are probably wondering who is writing to you guys today.  My name is Rebecca Narum and I am one of Heirloom Meals’ summer inters!  Now that we are introduced let’s move on to the good stuff! 

The essentials of a kitchen is a hard list of items to come up with.  There are so many different things that one has to take into account.  Furthermore, as much as I love to cook I am only 21 and I have never had to stock a kitchen on my own let alone been required to cook for myself nightly.  That said, I am pretty good at day dreaming and this is a perfect opportunity for me to create my kitchen supply list for the day I leave college and move into my first apartment—frightfully this is just around the corner!  Therefore, after a good amount of thought and some web-surfing through William-Sonoma’s online store I have come up with a list of what I believe to be the ten-essential items of a kitchen.  But, please don’t be afraid to leave your comments, suggestions and ideas as I will be graduating in less than a year and want to make sure I am not left without something as I build my first kitchen!

So here’s my list:

1. Double-broiler Saucepot
I figure it is a good all-around kitchen essential that can be used for soups, boiling pasta, making the pasta sauce and having the double-broiler add-on will double it’s use!
2. Skillet
Although there are many uses for a skillet I have to say my favorite is making eggs and pancakes on the lazy weekend mornings.  Therefore, it is a must for my first kitchen.
3. Ceramic baking dish
From casseroles to lasagna to baking chicken, this is another versatile cooking utensil that I think I would find useful.
4. Good knife set
I know this can get expensive and for a recent college graduate I wont be able to go with the best-of-the-best, but I also know good knifes are essential to a kitchen so having decent knifes is worth it.
5. Spatula
My primary reason for this goes back to those lazy weekend breakfasts…you need to have something to flip the pancakes and cook the eggs!
6. Cook’s spoon (for mixing and serving)
From stove top to table, a spoon that has two functions is ideal!
7. Locking Tongs
I am taking people’s word on the locking tongs because although I have found a need for them while helping my mom cook but I have not found them ‘essential’.  However, I’ve been told they are good for grilling, making pasta and the list goes on.
8. Wooden cutting Board
It’s durable and practical, what more is there to say!
9. Stainless steal mixing bowl
A mixing bowl is a requirement and I figure stainless steal is the most sturdy. Furthermore, if I buy one that can use it to make my own double broiler by finding one that will fit with my saucepot!
10. Cookie sheet
This is purely to fulfill my own love of baking so I can make my mom’s crazy peanut butter, chocolate chip, M & M, oatmeal cookies late at night when I can’t sleep.

Now that you have seen my list I would love your insight!  How did I do? Is there anything missing that I can’t live without?!