Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Tuesday October 05, 2010

Tabletop Tuesdays:
Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding Centerpieces

Sometimes it's not just one tabletop that needs decorating...but 30!!  Shakespeare & Co. is having its annual gala and my friend Lisa Newmann offered to co-chair the decorating committee with me.  To Lisa's credit she queried a few creative people and came up with the idea of decorating styrofoam rounds with some white spackle and lots of trinkets and in one afternoon of good cheer and laughter, 5 of us created some awesome cakes.
In this case we are hoping people will have our cakes but NOT eat them too!!  At the end of the gala each centerpiece will be for sale.

Check them out:

Tuesday September 28, 2010

Tabletop Tuesdays:
A Fall Centerpiece

I was inspired by my garden harvest - why not mix a little kale with some end-of-summer sunflowers for a high-impact centerpiece!!

Tuesday September 21, 2010

Tabletop Tuesdays:
Tomato Server

I inherited my Mom's love of all things kitchen and tabletop.  She always had such a pretty tomato server.
So when I was in my 20's and frequented flea markets nearly every weekend with my Mom - guess what I found?
It's a throw-back to the Victorian era when they had a utensil for EVERY purpose!! Serve away!

Tuesday September 14, 2010

Tabletop Tuesdays:
Helga Kaiser’s Austrian Linens

Today we are adding a different theme for Tuesday and moving our Hoofs, Paws and Claws to Sunday.
Because Heirloom Meals is about the stories and tips surrounding the family meal and treasured family recipes I wanted to dedicate some thoughts and reflections on heirloom tabletop items and treasures, and highlight the ritual of serving the meal, hints and tips for setting the table and discover and showcase unique implements and tabletop heirlooms.

I can't think of a better first post than to feature my friend and one of my culinary inspirations, Helga Kaiser's tabletop traditions.  She is Viennese and entertains with simple elegance.  Not only does she whip up her heritage fare, she serves it on her beautiful cross-stitched Austrian linens.  So while sampling her delectable delights one can be transported to another time and place - when women cross-stitched their linens with great pride to provide the backdrop to a wonderful meal shared with family and friends.

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