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Monday February 07, 2011

Ms Murky Mondays:
TEDx Manhattan - Changing the Way We Eat

I am one of the lucky few that were selected to participate in the audience of TEDxManhattan - "Changing the Way We Eat" this coming Saturday, February 12th.

TED, as many of you know is an organization that provides a forum for ideas worth spreading.  The "x" is for independently managed forums with the blessing of TED.

TEDxManhattan's theme is right up my alley - according to their website,"The one-day event will highlight several aspects of the sustainable food movement and the work being done to shift our food system from industrially-based agriculture to one in which healthy, nutritious food is accessible to all.

Speakers with various backgrounds in food and farming will share their insights and expertise. Relevant clips from the TED conference will be shown. And, hopefully, we’ll have a few surprises during the day. A highlight of all TED and TEDx events is the ample time given for attendees to meet each other and look for new synergies and new ideas to help bolster the sustainable food movement.

I am so excited to hear all the speakers and look forward to the possibilities!!