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Monday October 25, 2010

Ms Murky Mondays:
Musings on some of our Constitutional Rights

Today I feel like going off-topic.  I want to talk about guns, not butter and freedom of speech.  Both amendments were present-of-mind last week.

Freedom of speech and expression are the rights that we as Americans need to cherish.  As a member and a programmer of the all volunteer, community radio station WBCR-lp, 97.7 fm, Great Barrington, this right becomes more pronounced during the fund drive.  Isn't it amazing that a group of diverse people can come together and volunteer their time and expertise to have access to the airwaves and to exercise our right to free speech.  All music genres and topics can be expressed (of course while abiding by the FCC rules).  How lucky I am to be an American and have this opportunity!!

As a segue into our 2nd amendment rights, I would like to say that despite the saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me," harsh words and mean words can and do harm people.  My stepdaughter suffered severely from a bullying situation last year; and I, most recently was called a nasty name by someone with the intent to hurt me.  Despite all the rationalizing I did and others did on my behalf and my stepdaughter's behalf, we still felt pain.  So please think twice before saying things about and to people that are not nice.

And why guns?  Last week I took the firearms licensing class because I would like to go hunting and I also  want to know and understand how guns work. If others own them and understand them, isn't it best that I do too? In the abstract, this seemed like a great idea.  We see images of guns on the TV every night; we see cops brandishing their weapons on TV shows.  How bad could it be to shoot a gun?  After the classroom part of the course, we marched into the firing range.  I was the ONLY woman. We were taught to load and shoot.  Loading, no problem. Shooting, well, truly one of the most terrifying and humbling experiences I have EVER experienced!!

These are our rights - take them seriously!!

What a country.