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Wednesday November 24, 2010

Heirloom Meals Radio:
Loring Barnes

Loring Barnes Family

Thanksgiving Buffet

On this eve of Thanksgiving, a holiday to give thanks and celebrate the harvest, count our blessings and share food with family and friends, it is fitting that our guest is a Mayflower descendant, Loring Barnes. Loring is the 10th direct descendant of Governor William Bradford of Massachusetts, and her Dad is named Bradford. Much of her Dad's side of the family remains in Plymouth.

Loring's namesake, Thomas Loring, was the "Collector of Customs" for President Abraham Lincoln. Loring traces her lineage to Miles Standish and some other folks too, such as: Loring, Barnes, Brewster, Belcher, Adams among many from the original Mayflower passenger manifest.

Loring shares with great energy and enthusiasm some of her family recipes and the importance of Thanksgiving as an opportunity to indulge in a long and plentiful meal and enjoy being with friends and family. Loring shared her easy make ahead three cheese party potatoes and I will make them and post the recipe soon!! They sound and look DELICIOUS!!

Enjoy the show and I wish each and every one a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Acorn Squash