Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Sunday November 21, 2010

Life at Boulderwood:
Burtee’s Dinner

Ever wonder what the king of all dogs gets to eat in my household?

The wait is over.  Burtee, as you might expect, does not eat canned or store bought dog food.  Every week a new batch of homemade food is cooked up fresh.  Generally, I get 5 pounds of organic ground turkey and 3 pounds of a combination of organic sweet potatoes and regular potatoes.  I cook the ground turkey on top of the stove until well done and simultaneously boil the potatoes.  Then, I mash the potatoes and add the meat and mix them together.  I serve it with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.
I also make, boiled chicken breast with rice and carrots.  Jim knows that if he's ever hungry, Burtee's food, which is stored in the fridge, is fair game!!

One of these days I'll share with you why I make his food. But until then -- BONE Apetit!!