Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Friday January 20, 2012

Heirloom Breeds & Seeds:
Celebrating Heirloom Kernels

I can’t remember the last time I read a positive article about corn.  With the emphasis on genetically modified corn engineered by Monsanto for high fructose corn syrup and ethanol and the golden piles photographed in the Midwest as examples of excess of commodity crops we are hardly celebrating the tiny kernel.  Except today— National Popcorn Day—January 19th.  A day solely devoted to our favorite movie munchies and rainy day snack!

The origins of January 19th as National Popcorn day are unknown, however if you want to celebrate and need some ideas for decorations or games head here.  Also, a good friend of mine was kind enough to share her own Kettle Corn recipe (watch out because it's addictive!), she also gives instructions on how to pop corn the old fashioned way with oil in a pan on the stove.  

It was a near miss, but thankfully I heard about National Popcorn Day before it had passed.  We just finished ordering our seeds from the folks at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for planting the Heirloom Meals garden and selling on our website but I headed back over to their online catalog to read up on heirloom corn varieties with the dream of adding to our order a few packs of corn seeds.  While Baker Creek sells 12 different heirloom varieties of corn their beautiful red Strawberry and dark brown Dakota Black varieties are both well suited for popping-you can check these out at the Baker Creek website.

So what’s my favorite kernel of truth?  Popcorn pops in two shapes— the butterfly and the mushroom —next time you’re at the movies take a closer look…