Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Friday May 06, 2011

Carole’s Concoctions:
To All the Mothers and Women in my Life

I am not feeling like concocting today.  I feel like reflecting.  I had an interesting week. Busy with work.  All good. But right now,I want to reflect on mothers and women.  I am not a Mom.  It is not my fate. I do have motherly instincts. I am lucky to have an amazing Mom and had a great relationship and connection with my Nana.

Many of my best friends are Moms and I am lucky to know their kids.

My friend AnneMarie is a Mom, a daughter and truly one of the best friends I have ever had. I have known her for 25 years and seen her grow and develop into one of the finest human beings I know. The love she bestows on her kids and family is palpable. She has given them roots and wings.

I recently visited with my best friend, AnneMarie.  AnneMarie has a brain tumor.  She is scheduled for surgery on May 18th or 23rd. I am an emotional mess. She is incredibly calm and cheerful. Wow. I am in awe of her grace, compassion for her friends and family and her bravery.  She said to me, "I can't control my pain, but I can control my suffering." My heart aches with admiration.

AnneMarie - you inspire me!!

To all the mothers, sisters, girlfriends out there - embrace, celebrate, cherish and love each other. I love you ALL!!

Monday May 02, 2011

Ms Murky Mondays:
Thoughts on 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden

I'll never forget where I was and what I thought on September 11, 2001.  My thoughts, " Life as we know it is about to change forever."  And for a while it did.  People were really nice. Drivers were courteous on the road. We were all nervous. Terror alerts became the norm. But I really thought we would be under more sneaky attacks, that we would be on edge for the rest of our lives.

What happened was many of our personal freedoms were taken away in the name of national security. We made sure the war on terror was fought on other soil. The federal reserve loosened credit so dramatically that the real estate market started to boom and credit standards were thrown out of the window -- creating the biggest credit and housing bubble of a lifetime.  So, yes, life as we knew it changed, but not the way I imagined.

And now, Osama is finally dead. On the one hand it is a great symbol of our determination.  But I hate the thought that it is a symbol of our might.  Is our might the only way we can survive in this world? I hope not.  I think I'll focus on food and nourishment as love.  I know that will make me feel better.  What about you?

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