Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

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Heirloom Meals currently hosts a weekly radio show called, you guessed it, Heirloom Meals Radio,on the NPR station in Sharon, CT. Tune in to RobinHood Radio on WHDD 91.9 FM or AM 1020 - Saturdays at 5 p.m. or Sundays at 6:30 a.m. And, of course all our shows are archived here for your listening pleasure. Feel free to contact us if you want to be on the show and you can come into the studio or call in - your choice!

Everyone loves to talk about their food memories and we have found that the radio works for the camera-shy. Really, it's like having an half-hour long conversation discussing something that everyone does - eat. But we talk about the memories that certain foods or aromas conjure up, your unique food histories and treasured family recipes.

  • Marilyn and Nabih Nejaime

    The Nejaimes share their amazing story, from falling in love in Lebanon to making lavash.

  • Gina Hyams

    "Pie Lady" Gina Hyams speaks of loss, liver with onions, and how her love of pie translated into the Pie Contest in a Box.

  • Lauren Zivyak

    Lauren shares her tales of growing up in northern California. Did you know her grandfather was a cowboy?

  • Klara Sotonova

    Klara Sotonova's great grandmother's cookie recipes were the inspiration for Klara's Gourmet Cookies.

  • Sarah Maine and Brianna Bain

    Sarah Maine and Brianna Bain, co-founders of Recipe Relay.

  • Cooper Boone

    Cooper Boone shares his love of food and life. Singer, songwriter, cook and advice guru extraordinaire.

  • Jo Murko - Take Two

    Jo Murko, my Mom, and I chat about food, family, memory and intuitive cooking.

  • Ulla Kjarval

    Ulla Kjarval is an Icelandic American who grew up on a farm and advocates for grass fed meats. She is a food columnist and is obsessed with food.

  • Anthony Marciona

    Anthony Marciona is an actor, dancer and partner in THATS A NICE!, a gourmet southern Italian food line using authentic Sicilian recipes.

  • Ellie Markovitch

    Brazillian native, Ellie Markovitch shares her stories, recipes and her love of food histories.

  • Mark Kurlansky

    Mark Kurlansky, a New York Times best selling author shares his love of food writing.

  • Molly O’Neill

    Molly O'Neill, Former New York Times food columnist and author of One Big Table.

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