Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Sarah Maine and Brianna Bain

Sarah Maine and Brianna Bain, co-founders of Recipe Relay, a website geared toward recipe sharing and recipe developing and hopefully inspiring the use of locally grown foods. Sarah was raised overseas and has developed a taste and sense for many cuisines and the importance of sharing meals around the table. Brianna grew up in Southern California with her Dad’s Czech cooking, her Mom’s bias toward healthy eating and the healing arts and, of course, with access to great freshly grown fruits and vegetables. After meeting at Antioch University in a Green MBA program and finding a common love for cooking, Sarah went back to NYC and Brianna back to California. They have continued the shared love of cooking by relaying recipe ideas back and forth through cyberspace and as a result found that this idea of recipe relay could be much bigger than the two of them. Check out their website for more information, the rules and join the relay. I am!!