Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Anthony Marciona

"That's A Nice!!"
It's an "Italian" sentiment that describes in broken English a positive feeling about "whatever".  It is also the punch line in a very funny joke.  I will let today's guest, Anthony Marciona share the joke in the comments of this blog post!!
"That's a Nice!" is also the name of the specialty food company that Anthony started with his partner, Joseph LoBue who are both Sicilian-American - Anthony from Pelham, NY and Jospeh from Louisiana.  The two matched wits, food memories and recipes to offer up a host of sauces, soups and spreads that are evocative of the way "momma used to make."
Anthony and I grew up together in Pelham, NY.  Spend an hour listening to us reminisce about Pelham, our food histories and how Anthony turned his food memories into a food company!!  Made from all locally sourced ingredients, vegetarian and authentic.  Also, check out Anthony's bio - he's gping to be dancing on Glee in a couple of week!!  How cool is that!!