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  • Heirloom Meals' Christmas Menu recipes

    Christmas Eve Baccala Salad Darlene Tenes' Tamales with Shredded Pork and Pasilla Chili Sauce Ensalada de Nochebuena Frijoles con chorizo   Christmas Day Main Course: Helga Kaiser's...
  • Christmas Dinner recipes

    Herb-crusted Rib Roast Mashed yellow potatoes and celeriac (from my CSA stash) Roasted brussel sprouts Broccoli sauteed with garlic and olive oil Turnip and Potato Gratin Arugula Salad with...
  • Dinner Party for 20 recipes

    Caesar Salad Sole Inge Lisa Sauteed Celery and Almonds White Rice Frozen Mocha Mousse Chocolate Macaroons
  • Ladies Luncheon recipes

    Curried Chicken Salad Homemade Wheat Bread Potato Chips Assorted sliced fruit Assorted cookies
  • Adam and Alexandra’s Rehearsal Dinner recipes

    Friday, September 19, 2008 The Taggart House Cocktail Hour 6.15 pm – 7.15 pm Passed Hors d’oeuvres Herb-crusted Lamb Lollipops Swordfish Kabobs Chicken Fingers with a Honey-Mustard Dipping...