Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Every workshop is a live, "done-with-you" immersion.
That means you get access to me in the moment, and can ask questions right then and there. Each module is also recorded for your review at a later time. You can join the modules via computer or any phone (land lines included).

Weekly Schedule

Module One: Capturing Your Heritage

Our connection to our past starts with who we are, who our parents and grandparents are/were, and the memories about food from our youth.

Module Two: The Kitchen of Your Youth

I believe we are defined by place. Where we grew up has an impact on how we view the world. The kitchens of our youth are deeply embedded in our psyches. We explore how these places impact and are part of our food memories.

Module Three: The Story is the Thing

We carry stories. We tell stories. We hear stories. This is when we write them down.

Module Four: Capturing the Feelings of Family Recipes

You are not getting through this course without recognizing or recounting the palpable emotional connection we all have to our food memories. It’s an amazing week.

Module Five: Tapping into the Seductive Senses of Food

So far we’ve written about who we are, where we are from, about the stories, and how food makes us feel.  This week we get to write about the food itself!! This is really fun. So get your creative juices flowing!!

Module Six: Recipe Anatomy โ€“ Concoctions into Recipes

We are writing a cookbook, aren’t we? This week we learn to write a recipe. And more importantly, I coach you through turning one of your unwritten, intuitive family recipes into a written and documented recipe.

Module Seven: Writing Captivating Intros to Recipes

Headnotes are those 2-3 sentences you see written above most recipes in a cookbook. We will write headnotes for all your recipes. We will also work on the longer 2-3 paragraph stories for each recipe.

Module Eight: Gather, Design, Complete

In this final module, we work on how to organize your book by reviewing options for chapter headings etc. We also discuss all the details needed to complete the content for your book!

Bonus Module

Optional check-in in 2 weeks for questions and answers regarding finalizing your content to send to me.