Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

This workshop is perfect for anyone who values food, family, and tradition, and has a treasure trove of recipes, photos and stories waiting to be organized into a family keepsake.  

Has 'someday' been put off for too long, and the day has finally come?
Have you tried to pull your family recipes together, but got sidetracked by something else?
Have you been a little confused how to bring it all together and don't know where to start?
Have you been wanting a sense of connection with others to kick-start your motivation?

I've found that not only is this experience one that reconnects you to your family's history — your past and the one you're now creating for the future — but it's healing and gives your memories a voice.

Through the Heirloom Meals Recipe Project I will guide you in an easy and structured way, and give you the support and accountability necessary to bring your pens and your pots together to produce your heirloom family cookbook.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much of a time commitment is the project?
A. We get together once a week for an hour for 8-weeks. There is “homework.” But the homework is designed to help you develop your story, reconnect with your relatives, and collect your recipes and photos. Because we are all different, it is difficult for me to give you a firm number of hours. I would say your time commitment will depend on the state of your recipe box, photos and memories. For me, I had to type all my recipes (over 120), cook many “non-recipes” so I could produce a written recipe, scan my photos and recipe cards, write the stories and headnotes. All in, it took me 60+ hours over about 12 weeks, or about 5 hour per week. This is not a small project. It is your life history told through the lens of your food memories. It will take time and energy.

Q. I am too busy.
A. I know you are really busy. Who isn’t these days! But the longer you wait, the greater the chance you will miss the opportunity to record your family’s stories and recipes. Even though you are busy, I provide an easy and structured way to get it done along with my coaching and the support of a community.

Q. Do I need to be tech savvy?
A. I have opted to use a private conference call line instead of a fancy video conferencing software. So, if you can use a telephone, you should be A-OK! E-mail is required. It is how I send homework and communicate with you. We also have a private Facebook group. You will need to scan your photos at 300 dpi. I am guessing I lost some of you already! I will be providing a scanning tutorial as an “extra” to help guide you through the process. There are third-party scanning services and I will have a list for you, if you’d prefer to farm it out.

Q. I don’t own a scanner.
A. I recommend and use an Epson Scanner – The Epson V39 Perfection Scanner. It is around $70.

Q. What if I am not a writer?
A. If you can talk, you can write. This is your book. I have designed the program to easily coach your stories out of you onto the page. You will find putting pen to paper in this way makes it easy to tell your stories.

Q. Some of my recipes aren’t written down. How do I re-create them?
A. One module is dedicated to this very question. It is really as simple as making the recipe and at each step, measuring amounts and writing them down. My recommendation is to keep a pen and pad near the stove at all times.

Q. What if I only have 15-20 recipes?
A. It’s not the quantity of recipes we are capturing, it’s your family history told through the lens of food. I have always said recipes are not really what is important, it is the stories and memories that give them status and stature. Your book will be filled with the love that these recipes provided to you and your family.

Q. What if I have 150 recipes?
A. I say, “Good for you!” But also be prepared that the process of putting it all together will most likely take longer, and your book will cost more. Remember the project includes a 72-page book. Each additional page will be an additional $2 per page. By the way, my book is 278 pages. It was worth every cent!

Q. How much access will you have to me?
A. You will have email access to me anytime. You will also have me on the live calls, as well as two – 20 minute one-on-one calls. And don’t forget the Facebook group!

Q. Can I send you my photos and recipes to scan?
A. We can talk about this on a case by case basis.

What's Included

  • 8 “done-with-you” one-hour coaching calls. The calls are recorded. (Go to Registration for schedule of upcoming workshops) 

  • Access to me via email

  • 2 – 20-minute one-on-one coaching calls after the 8-weeks are over to keep you committed to complete the project.

  • No fussing with designing content — we'll take care of it for you.

  • Approximately 4 weeks after you send in your final materials, you will receive one, 72-page hardcover, full-color Heirloom Family Recipe Book and a PDF. (If you have more than 72 pages, it will cost an additional $2 per page. Additional copies available at an additional fee based on your final page count. A 72-page book is approximately $60)

  • Your investment is $1000 or 3 payments of $350.

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