Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

The Iroquois White Corn Project series on Heirloom Meals Radio

The following is show is the first part of a two-part series focused the Iroquois White Corn Project. This interview features Peter Jemison, the site manager of the Ganondagan State Historic Site. 

The Iroquois White Corn Project grows, processes, and sells a particular strand of white corn that dates back at least 1,400 years. The White corn project is a community based organization currently located in the Ganondagan State Historic Site in Victor, New York. Their mission is to promote and increase production of this heirloom corn, and support traditional food habits of indigenous peoples worldwide. 

Peter is a Native American from the Seneca tribe in upstate New York. Peter grew up on the reservation and then went to college to pursue a degree in Art. Peter’s art career took him to New York City, but he has now come full circle with his return to upstate New York where he now runs Ganondagan State Historic Site in Victor, New York which is home to the Iroquois White Corn Project. 

This series is fascinating and inspirational. I hope you enjoy learning about the Iroquois White Corn Project as much as I did.