Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Sue Ann Gleason on Heirloom Meals Radio

Sue Ann Gleason might possibly be my soul sister.  She is of Italian descent, and has come to a place in her life where honoring our food memories and legacies are her passion.

Her earliest memories are of her grandmother's kitchen, where she learned how to love people through food. Her hauntingly gorgeous writing and words are delicious as she recalls aromas and sites of her grandmother's kitchen.

Through a series of what I call serendipitous illnesses, Sue Ann left her teaching career to help women become more spiritual about food, urging them to eat for pleasure. As Sue Ann journeyed into creating her businesses/blogs, choclate for breakfast and conscious bites nutrition, she discoved that her passion was to create a safe place for women to discuss and share their stories and recipes.  She has done this by creating the Luscious Legacy Project.

Sue Ann has a special, nurturing, softness about her that invites you into her womb where you are safe to explore memories, good and bad, and write your heart out!! Just wonderful.