Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Pops Peterson

Pops Peterson, aka Maurice Peterson, shares his remedies for the common cold. And boy do I wish I had oil of oregano on hand in late January!!  

Pops is a renaissance man. Really. Pops embodies a creative spirit and has used many outlets to express his genius. He is a writer, actor, singer, pop artist, photographer and who knows what else is to come.....But his story as it relates to Heirloom Meals is lovely. He grew up in NYC on mother's soul food - collards, mac and cheese, pork rinds, rice, fried fish.  He shares that his best food memory from growing up was his dad's salmon croquettes. And he learned his earliest cold remedies from his grandmother.

Pops' latest creative foray is as a pop artist - taking photo images and altering them to reflect the sensibility of the person, pet, object or landscape. He has his debut show scheduled this summer at Lauren Clark Fine Art in Great Barrington, MA. Pops and his husband Mark Johnson own Seven Salon Spa in Stockbridge, MA.  

Enjoy the show!