Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Mireille Guiliano on Heirloom Meals Radio

Mireille Guiliano is the bestselling author of French Women Don't Get FatFrench Women for All Seasons: A Year of Secrets, Recipes, & Pleasure, and The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook . Mireille grew up in France in the two best gastronomic regions of France, Alsace-Lorraine and Provence. Her memories are vivid and amazing. She remembers going to the opening of Gabrielle and having a traditional Tarte Flambee which is somewhat like a pizza with thin crust, fresh cream, bacon, onion, and shallots. 

Mireille moved to the U.S as an exchange students, and wouldn’t you know it she gained weight! It was a true wake-up call for her. While a good chunk of her adult life was spent launching a luxury brand in the US, Mireille’s true passion is sharing her secrets to maintaining her weight.

I hope you enjoy Mireille’s french insight on how savoring the delight of quality ingredients translates to maintaining a healthy weight. It definitely changed my perspective!