Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Hans Morris

There may be no better example of a poster child for Heirloom Meals than Hans Morris. Hans shares a warm and charming account of his connection to food and meals through his memories about his grandmother's baking and Mom's culinary explorations.

Hans began cooking as a young boy. He learned at an early age how to appreciate the nuances of cooking and baking by his successes and failures. He grew up with scheduled family meals and the ritual of the Sunday dinner. Hans is a true gourmand whose culinary curiosity engaged his attention. He developed his skills by experimenting and by throwing elaborate dinner parties in his twenties and continuing the tradition of Sunday dinner with his own family. Perhaps the greatest testament to the importance of the Morris family dinner traditions and culinary bliss was the cookbook that he and his 5 other sibling put together with recipes, stories and photos to honor their parents for their 50th wedding anniversary. A true treasure full of new and old heirloom recipes!  (A few will be shared in the recipe section soon, I promise.)

Thank you Hans!