Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Elissa Altman

Elissa Altman is a food and cookbook editor as well as a writer.  Elissa shares that her blog is really about: "... sustenance in the face of pretense. It’s about authenticity in the face of the artificial. It’s about simplicity in the face of the tarted-up. It’s about kindness in the face of the rude. It’s about storytelling — mine, my family’s, yours, your family’s — and how those stories are inextricably bound up with what we feed ourselves and those we love, what we eat at times of joy, sorrow, delight, surprise, fear, and sadness. And it’s always about slowing down a little bit."

Elissa's writing and message resonate with me to my core.  Her story is wonderful, her writing impeccable. 

Listen up and then run, don't walk, and get her book, Poor Man's Feast, A Love Story of Comfort, Desire and the Art of Simple Cooking.  It's an amazing story of transformation.  Thank you Elissa!