Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Diane Hatz - Changing the Way We Eat

Diane Hatz's Delaware upbringing was all about eating local, in-season food that was grown in her backyard.  Diane went on to live her brilliant career in the music business and didn't think about food. BUT, when I asked Diane what her best food memory was she actually fast-forwarded to her adult life when she took a bite into her first farmer's market peach and slobbered sweet juice allover her face and hands.  At that moment she was transported back to the family's peach tree of her youth. And began a life altering journey to her current career as the Co-Founder and Director of The Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming.

Diane has translated her passion for sustainable food and agriculture to organizing and running  TEDx Manhattan - Changing the Way We Eat where she puts together a day of amazing speakers with different perspectives and ideas to change the way we eat.  Heirloom Meals Radio is honored to share Diane's voice.