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Ana Fabiano and the Rioja Wines of Spain - Part I

The Riojan region of Spain is a perfect subject for Heirloom Meals Radio. The region is steeped in tradition and history.

Ana Fabiano is the voice for the land and the people of Rioja in her role as the  North American Trade Director for Rioja-USA. Ana's passion for the region is palpable. And why shouldn't it be - Rioja is a place steeped in generational wine-making, natural beauty and tradition. She calls it a "small, big, rich place." There is so much to do, with so much diversity.

Ana is seeing a growth in interest in the Riojan wines as they deliver so much harmony on the palette. She feels you will never find clumsy rioja as they are very cuisine compatible and give the cook a great amount of bandwith with their menus!

So listen up and fall in love with Ana and Rioja just like I did. I am looking to book a trip there soon!!