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Roasted Asparagus Four Ways

Roasted Asparagus 4 Ways

Stacey Sanchez's Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan

clean and trim asparagus

toss in olive oil

place on baking dish
top with parmesan cheese

place in oven 350 until tender and parmesan is golden.

our family loves veggies and loves trying new ways to eat them. i am a fan of cheese so this is the best of both worlds. even my husband likes asparagus this way!

Jo Ellen Harrison's Roasted Asparagus

my best asparagus recipe (no recipe)
hot oven - 450
fresh asparagus on cookie sheet drizzled with olive oil
shake to coat every now and then
sea salt at finish
turns it spring green and crispy but edible
can splash with balsamic

Karen Beckwith's Roasted Asparagus

Scott and I roast ours in a hot oven with the usual: Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, olive oil. I try to make a big portion, because I love it in salad the next day.

Joanna Roche's Simple is Best

Roasted Asparagus
Asparagus – ends trimmed

spread on cookie sheet in single layer
pour 2 tablespoons olive oil over them
season with ground pepper and sea salt

roast in 450 degree over for 15 minutes until ends are crispy

this was just a very simple recipe we always made with grilled dinners – great with steak or chicken.

The leftovers were always in an omelet the next night.

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