Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Nat Bacon

How does a Jewish boy from Cambridge, MA end up as the head cheese maker at Shelburne Farms? Simple, he had a keen interest in environmental studies and took a job working on a farm when he was 18 years old. A few more stints on some farms, a degree in dairy farming from the University of Vermont and a summer apprenticeship at Shelburne Farms and the rest is history.

Nat shares his memories of nudel kugel, brisket and other jewish fare but he was smart enough to get the secret ingredient (aka TIP) from his Nana on how to make his kugel taste likes hers - fresh squeezed orange juice!!

The interview is fun and informative. Nat defines cheddar - it's a place, a cheese and a process. The pasture to palate, sustainable farming that is practiced at Shelburne Farms is inspiring. Nat also shared some of his favorite recipes from the Cooking with Shelburne Farms, Food and Stories from Vermont. I can't wait to make the Shepherd Pie!! Shelburne Farms is well worth the visit and check out the cheesemaking and Nat at work, cheddaring!! Can't wait to go back in the spring!! Thank you Nat!