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  • War Horse, No Way - I want Peace Horse! blog

    I finally watched War Horse last night, well kinda.  I have to say, while the cinematography was amazing, i found it difficult to watch the slaughter of young men and fine horses.  War is truly a...
  • Chicken Soup Winners blog

    It's a tie for FIRST. Congrats to Judith Lerner, Carol Way and Francine Soropoulos Kyriakos.
  • Carol Way's Asian-style Chicken Soup recipes

    Ingredients 1 large sweet onion 3 or 4 carrots 3 or 4 stalks of celery 4 chicken breast halves on the bone 2 tbsp olive oil and a little extra for chicken breasts 6 quarts of chicken stock Salt,...
  • Soup Contest blog

    I must say as I read through the 17 recipes that I received for the contest I know that I am so graced to have created Heirloom Meals.  To read the stories and the memories that are attached to the...