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Provence Vinegar Bottle

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About this Item

Often found in French kitchens, this bottle is designed for easy one-handed pouring.

It is designed for those who buy high-quality vinegar in large sizes, and need something smaller and more decorative for the kitchen or table. Aesthetics aside, it has perfect functionality built in: its size and slender proportions make it easier to hold and pour with just one hand; the cork seal stays tight, and the steel spigot makes it easier to direct a stream of vinegar and easier to control the amount being poured. In addition, the porcelain will not alter the flavor of your vinegar, and will prevent sunlight from deteriorating the contents. Revol's culinary-grade porcelain is fired at very high temperatures, making for exceptionally hard enamel that is easy to clean and highly resistant to chipping and thermal and mechanical shocks.

It goes perfectly with its natural mate, the taller olive oil bottle. These proportions reflect the average ratio of vinegar to oil in a classic vinaigrette.

Capacity: holds 8.75 oz of fluid

Colors: Creamy White or London Yellow, with painted vegetable motif on molded porcelain.



• the porcelain is fired at a high temperature for strength, durability, whiteness and shock-resistance.
• the non-porous porcelain stays bacteria-free and is oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer-safe.
• made with an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process from their own clay, recycling heat, wind, water and power.

Revol Products

There is no question why we love Revol products. It is a company that was founded in 1789 in Rhone Valley, France and is still operated by the same family for 11 generations - talk about family tradition!!  Here’s how it all began:

On a Sunday walk after a series of violent storms, two brothers, Joseph-Marie and François Revol, noticed some unusual white streaks. For these specialists, there was no doubt they had found a deposit of kaolin. The region was already producing the red sandstone used by potters and tile makers. The Revol brothers' discovery led to the manufacture of much harder-wearing white stoneware and to the establishment of the REVOL factory in Ponsas, later transferred to Saint-Uze. There followed a succession of stoneware and “terre d'acier” pottery. A few years later, the REVOL factory developed a non-porous formula that could be enameled in various colors, which went on to become the benchmark of fine porcelain.


Size: 9'' H x 2.5'' W x 2.5'' D
Weight: 1 lb
Materials: Porcelain
Origin: France
Brand: Revol