Heirloom Meals: Savoring Yesterday's Traditions Today

Favorite Things

We've selected items that have stood the test of time from top manufacturers around the world — most have been in business for generations, and many are names you'll be familiar with from childhood.

Whether you're investing in an item for yourself or the kitchen of a friend, why not buy something that is exceptionally well-made and that you know will be handed down for several generations?

Carole’s Finds

From time to time, Carole comes across treasures hidden away in antique shops, estate sales and salvage yards. Her experienced decorator’s eye can spot a quality item from across a room. She makes a habit of picking these up for future clients. Now you can have access to this stash of one-off wonders.

HM Gear

We are also offering a limited run of Heirloom Meals aprons, oven mitts, dish cloths, recipe boxes, etc. featuring the Heirloom Meals pattern, as seen in the margins of this site.


We’ve gathered the best recipes and guides from a variety of local and regional cuisines, as recommended by grandmothers, guests, and chefs across the country.


Need help with planning a menu for a very special occasion? Need a cooking demo at a food festival/event?