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Heirloom Meals’ Christmas Special DVD

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About this Item

Heirloom Meals Christmas Special is an hour-long made-for-television program capturing recipes, stories and the deep connection between food and family around Christmas. It will be shown on public television in December 2012 across the country. Check your local PBS listings for dates and times.

The show features wonderful stories and cooking demonstrations by guests from around the country from a variety of different backgrounds:

  • Anne Maxfield
  • Ruth Ann Galvin and Katie Galvin
  • Alex Elman
  • Darlene Sanchez Tenes
  • Charity Kahn
  • Katja Rowell
  • Elle Green
  • Scott Keough
  • Helga Kaiser
  • Jack Simko and AnneMarie DeFreest
  • Jo Murko


FEATURED RECIPES (available as an ebook or downloadable PDF)

  •     Cream Puffs
  •     Lollipops
  •     Lemon Star Cookies
  •     English Nut Bar Shortbread
  •     Mocha Rounds
  •     Granny Stella’s Plum Pudding
  •     Simple Candied Orange Peel
  •     Basic Fresh Masa Preparada for Tamales
  •     Classic Shredded Pork with Pasilla Chile Sauce
  •     Pasilla Chile Sauce
  •     Frijoles de la Olla
  •     Frijoles con Chorizo
  •     Ensalada de Nochebuena (Mexican Christmas Salad)
  •     Jane Vaughan’s Super Duper Turkey Dressing
  •     German Red Cabbage
  •     Grandmother Ruthie’s Sweet Potato Cake
  •     Scott Keough’s Eggnog
  •     Chocolate-Dipped Cherry Almond Biscotti
  •     Christmas Goose
  •     Dumplings
  •     Hungarian Kifli


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