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  • Lambs Stepping Out! blog

    98 lambs and today was their first day outside. Took 5 tries, but eventually they all made it!
  • It's Raining Lambs!! blog

    Lambs keep coming..... and so does the rain. At least the snow is washing away - now we can begin to inventory the spare parts to the hoop house in order to begin to reconstruct it after its snow...
  • 50 Lambs and Counting! blog

    This is what 50 lambs looks like. Here are the other half of the girls that are going to be lambing this month. The barn is filling up!
  • 33 Lambs and Counting! blog

    ...triplets, twins keeping me busy... lamb head count is now 33....
  • Lambing in Full Swing! blog

    Triplets, twins, triplets - lambing is in full swing! Thank goodness no bottle babies (yet). I'm not getting much sleep, but then again I don't expect to this time of year. Twice nightly barn...
  • Bale Slicer blog

    Well we managed to get through the cold and the snow and more snow. This is a hard winter. I am looking forward to spring...but not the mud...countdown to lambs has begun. Jenn said she "smelled"...