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  • Chick Magnet blog

    There's something about chickens that make me very happy. As you know, ours free-range with impunity and at their peril.  But they are so care-free, happy and busy all day. They are a cure for a bad...
  • Chicken Tiller blog

    We've added a second garden so we can grow lots of food to eat now and to put up for the winter.  Jim was aided by one of the chickens.  I just love the chickens.  They crack me up with their...
  • Garden Helpers blog

    The chickens were dying to get into the garden to peck around but were just as happy with our wheelbarrow full of weeds and bugs. Chickens really make me smile. Their antics are so entertaining.
  • End of the Daylight blog

    The chickens know that daylight is at a premium right now and they cling to every last morsel of sunshine before they reluctantly come home to roost.  What is most striking to me is the color of the...
  • Chickens in Fall Paradise blog

    One can understand how these chickens lay the best eggs around!!